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Rebound Game Rebound Game

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Rebound Game OR The Lowest Form of Procastionation

I have to admit, the dynamics of this game certainly had good intentions. A certain captivating quality that I cannot put my finger on, whether it be competitiveness or repetitiveness, kept me playing, but an overall displeasing taste began to settle on my tongue after the fifth minute I waited for my ball to return. Next time: Improve the graphics, sounds, objective, and, although not totally in poor taste, the name. Rebound, if searched on Google, is the name of over 100 other games, many similar to this one. Take pride in your work.

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NoEscape NoEscape

Rated 1 / 5 stars

DO NOT FRET! Twas a nice attempt, but try again

I searched and I searched for originality, but all I found was an overall lack of creativity and more than a daily dose of a waste of time. There was no real plot, no motive, no real reason for me to want to play this. Graphics, sounds, and gameplay were all to familiar for the genre of game you attempted to contribute to. The only reason you are receiving any stars is that I feel like you may have attempted to create a satirical statement by producing a game that exploits the failed attempts of many to recreate a war-like setting, but I highly doubt my own optimism. In future attempts, try expanding from the mold. Shooting games are fun, but far too plentiful in this day and age. Let yourself go, and make a game that that no only stretches the boundaries of acceptability, but the common mind.

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Cyberdemon with arm thingy Cyberdemon with arm thingy

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Yea, you do...

... in reference to your "Gotta keep on practicing" comment. Keep up the... hope?

XPISigma responds:

Congratulations, you're the only one to not give any advice. Quite useless.